Year of Uncertainties

A few days ago, I was full of hope for the new year. I was so confident of my chemo treatment, that it is coming to an end and I will have my normal life back soon. Until yesterday, Dr Ho revealed that my BMA FISH test shows a significant increase in leukaemic cells (31 out of 200 cells). This means that the chemo I had received did not help to keep me in complete remission state. He had discussed with his team of doctors and they recommended bone marrow transplant (BMT) for me.

For the past half a year, the option of BMT as a treatment was ruled out. I have been telling everyone that I am a lucky bastard – I don’t need a BMT and I would be done with 4 to 5 chemo treatments. It’s so unexpected! BMT is a big word. Going through BMT is a big decision! There are too many uncertainties for BMT – the risks involved, successful rate, side effects, chance of relapse and etc.

Given if BMT is the only option, I told Dr Ho that I would go for it. I want to get well!

Whatever obstacles and challenges ahead, I will stay strong and be positive. I know Qipei, my family and friends will be there to support me! My dad will watch after me too. 加油 TJ!

I will be seeing Dr Ho again next Tues (10-Jan) to discuss about BMT.

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