I’ve had two weeks of low dose chemo and it’s rather effective at bringing down the blast cells, although a tad slowly. We are continuing this daily chemo infusion for now.

Felt discomfort in my left chest around 5+ a.m. on 3 Feb. Done ECG, blood test and x-ray and they seemed normal. CT scan showed a 6 x 2cm lump in the soft tissue between the heart and left lung, which probably explains the pain I felt upon deep inhalation.

With the current leukaemia condition, the discovery of a mass wasn’t too difficult to accept. At least we found out the source causing the chest pain and we are so going to remove or at least shrink it.

Was scheduled for biopsy of the mass yesterday but it was cancelled. Reason for cancellation were: low platelet count of 48k (need at least 50k), low haemoglobin count of 7.7, biopsy site very near to heart and major artery – doing biopsy after office hour means there are no senior consultants to oversee if any mishap. Actually I was more than happy to postpone the biopsy as I could tell the medical team was tired and overworked. For patient’s safety, I’m not going to complain about the 9hrs of fasting and 3hrs of waiting time.

Hope the biopsy will be smooth today, allowing me to go home for CNY tomorrow as planned.
Whatever I need to know is being revealed to me.
Whatever I need comes to me at the perfect time, space and sequence.

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