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Tips to Fight Boredom

Confinement in hospital results in changes to lifestyle and routine. Having too much time and not knowing what to do with it can be a hair-pulling experience. Perhaps that is why after chemotherapy, one loses his or her hair. Ok jokes aside! Here are 10 suggestions for you to fight boredom in hospital:

1.     Meditation is best done at the start of the day and before sleep. And I would recommend that you complement it with a prayer. Together, it empties your mind and relaxes my body, giving you a feeling of inner peace.  

2.    Simple exercises using resistance band can promote blood circulation and strengthen your muscles. Resistance bands are versatile, easy to use and inexpensive. You can easily get one from Daiso at S$2. Remember to check with your medical doctor whether you are fit to do a good stretch.

3.    Get connected. Chat with your roomies and nurses but never disturb resting patients or busy nurses. Alternatively, take the chance to catch up with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook or MSN.

4.    Blog & tweet your experience, thoughts and feelings. Start an account and connect to the world!

5.    Catch a movie via the “world’s largest video-on-demand platform”, Funshion. It has a good collection of high definition movies that will give you hours of entertainment! Alternatively, rent DVDs and watch them on a DVD player or computer.

6.    Music has amazing healing powers. Add your favourite songs to your playlist or tune in to your favourite radio station.

7.    Read books, magazines, comics or anything. Need I say more?

8.    Play a game on your android, iPhone or iPad. Fight the baddies like how you fight cancer! BOOM BOOM POW!

9.    Learn a new language and practice with patients and nurses. I picked up some simple Tagalog phrases from a Filipino nurse. Kumusta ka? (How are you?)

10.  Blog hopping is when people surf the net and find blogs that are their favorites. They visit them daily and forge virtual friendships with the author of the blog and the other blog visitors. It makes their day brighter and gives then something to look forward to! – definition by Urban Dictionary. For me, I love to visit colormekatie!