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Preparing for Bone Marrow Transplant

Now that my white blood cell counts are on an upward trend, I am moving into the pre-bone marrow transplant (pre-BMT) stage. There are a couple of checks to ensure that I am physically fit for BMT. Some of these tests on the functions of my vital organs will help to develop a baseline which can be compared with post-BMT tests to determine if any body functions have been impaired.

Healthcare staff has collected 6 tubes of blood from me to test for diseases and antibodies (I was told).

My urine (collected over a 24-hr period) and one tube of blood sample was collected for kidney function test.

Dental x-ray was done yesterday and the dentist identified two cavities that require fillings and a possible wisdom tooth fragment that needs to be extracted. However, these dental care procedures can only be done when my platelet counts rise above 80k (19K as of today).

This morning, I had a MUGA scan(Multi Gated Acquisition Scan) to check on my heart function. The radiologist said it is comparable to the same scan I did in January 2012, which means I still have a strong heart!

I have also met up with a dietitian. Done a handgrip strength test with her and we discussed about my appetite and die. She told me that the total calories provided in hospital diets are less than what I require in a day. I was advised to increase my protein intake by adding milk supplement (e.g. Ensure) to my diet, drink 3 cups of full cream milk per day, and consume more food that is rich in protein. It would be ideal if I can gain another 3Kg before transplant.

So now I am left with a lung function test which can only be done when my platelet counts are above 50k.

The admission for conditioning chemotherapy and transplant is on 20th February. It’s day 31 in SGH and I am expected to discharge next week. Hope to spend some quality time with my loved ones before next admission. :)