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Being a NSman, and now a leukaemia patient, I have to update the Army about my medical status for two reasons:

1. To avoid getting charged for not attending remedial trainings (RT).

2. To get a PES status downgrade.

The 2-page Medical Report (cost $89.24!!!) finally reached my hands last week, on 4-Oct, after some delay. I logged into NS.sg to book a medical review appointment, hoping to find a slot this month before I return for my fourth cycle. The month of October slots were fully booked but I managed to get one in mid-November.

Then I navigated to the “Book Non-ICT IPPT/RT/IPT” page and saw a notice:

“Please COMPLETE your 20 RT sessions by 29/10/2011, otherwise you will be subjected to disciplinary action.

That’s like I may face charges before my medical review appointment date! I ranged Mindef customer service for an advice and I was told to book an IPT on 29 Oct. I followed suit, but could not understand why, by booking IPT, I will not be charged.

Honestly speaking, I am not worried about getting charged as I have a valid reason with supporting documents. The Army will review my case separately, if not, my MP will.

Thinking back, at the initial stage of diagnosis, I rejoiced at the thought that I may not need to fulfill the 10 years of reservist and IPPT. Another case of blessing in disguised. Now as I understand my condition better, I am thinking I might have rejoiced too early – I may only get a temporary downgrade. Perhaps the Army is kind enough to dismiss any soldier who has recovered from a major cancer, giving him a new life? The decision lies in the hands of the Medical Review Board. Fingers crossed.