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Another Week at Home!

Another week has gone by so quickly. I packed the necessities for next hospital stay.

Qipei has left her job last week. She accompanied me for today’s check up. I had a queue number of 0050 but it was never called. I was 45 minutes away from doctor’s consultation, so I decided to ignore the queue system and get the nurses to collect my blood sample.

After all the ding-dongs of preparation and waiting, the blood sample was finally dispatched to the testing lab 15 minutes before the consultation. It would usually take about an hour to get the results. We could see my doctor pacing up and down the walkway of the Haematology Centre, probably to get help to expedite the testing.

Finally, the results were out and I was ‘beeped’ into Room 10. My counts were going up, but white blood cells and neutrophils are moving up very slowly. I was inked with “unfit for chemotherapy” and given another week to recover at home!

Could it be my body knew Qipei’s not working this week and wants me to spend time with her out of the hospital? Whatever it is, we headed on to Ikea store at Alexandra. I had my afternoon snacks while she had her lunch. Organic Pasta + 5 Swedish Meatballs + Lingon Berry Drink = $3.90! What a great deal! I love my life :D

Time Extended

Returned to Haematology Centre for blood test and consultation with doctor today. Arrived 4mins late but luckily there was no queue and blood taking was completed quickly. While waiting for consultation, I saw a patient-friend who came for family conference. He will be doing his stem cell transplant soon! He’s so close to getting well now, just like me, and I’m happy for him.

The digital queue display beeped and showed 0060. It’s my turn! I walked into Consultation Room 10 wondering if admission for the 4th cycle of chemotherapy will be this week. Doctor handed the blood count report to me – everything went up but WBC count was still a tad low to start chemo. He arranged for another full blood count next week. He also added that the next admission requires a bone marrow aspiration to confirm if i am already in remission state and also to assess the need for a 5th chemo.

That’s another week of freedom, family and me-time! :)