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Kening 2, TJFC 1!

8 June is a very special day for me – it’s my niece’s birthday and it’s also one year on post-diagnosis!
But we’re only going to celebrate one event, which is Kening’s birthday!

We baby-sit Kening in the day while her parents were either out at work or busy taking care of her younger sister.

Kening enjoys being carried by 婆婆, watching the world goes by!

Sister came in the afternoon with Kexin and here’s a little reunion for the birthday girl.

After dinner, I couldn’t wait to give her the presents before her birthday cake was out.
小坏坏 gave out a few “WOW” as she opened her presents to find her favourite Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Even the birthday cake was designed with baby Minnie Mouse.

Daddy helped to light up the candles and the birthday girl was still quite puzzled about what’s going on.

And after a quick family photo…

She was off to explore her Disney colouring book!

Her uncles quickly assembled the ride-on Pewi Ybike and as soon as she got on the bike.. she went “WOW” again!

The happy little birthday girl on her Ybike and with her 大舅舅.

What a hot dog day:)

Happy Birthday, Fighter!

I just turned 28!

Last year I was attending a Workplace Safety Workshop on my birthday. The very next day, I was down with high fever because of the abscess that was swelling like the size of a Ricola candy (pardon me if you are sucking on one now) on my left axilla. What happened next was one full year of disaster that changed my life.

27 might have been a struggle, but I made it to 28!!! I’m a fighter, a good one I conclude! Hahaha

Traditionally, in my family, birthdays are celebrated with symbolic hard boiled eggs.  But this year, I was treated to a simple, nice and warm pot of mee sua with kang kong, slices of pork collar and hard boiled egg for lunch. It wasn’t intentional, but my mum just decided to cook mee sua for lunch. In anycase, it’s very much appreciated!

Spent the morning putting up the Hair for Hope 2012 donation link on Facebook, hoping that I can reach out to more friends, spreading awareness of children cancer and help to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation. My simple birthday wish is to raise funds for CCF and I think so far, I’ve done quite a good job with the support of my circle. :) Celebrated my birthday with CCF by making a gift of $280. Think from this year onwards, it will become a tradition of mine to give on my birthday!

The afternoon with Qipee was simple, just the way I wanted it to be and what I would call quality time. From Tampines, we took bus 29 to Netheravon Road to check out The Coastal Settlement and have our dinner.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this place. I like the vintage decorations and settling on the sofa made me felt like home. Tables were adequately spaced apart giving personal space to diners. As we were there early, I felt I had the whole place to ourselves.

Food were served pretty fast and the portion looks good for sharing between 3-4 friends.

Lemon-bush tea

Who can resist these truffle fries?

Truffle Mushroom Fetuccine

Happy girlfriend with happy food and happy birthday boyfriend (behind the camera)

Will definitely be back again!