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National Service-d

I’ve just joined the group of men who clank beer mugs and toast to a future that no longer needs me to wear green uniforms, boots and carry a rifle. Neither am I required to pass IPPT, attend ICT, nor apply for exit permit when I travel out of Singapore. It’s probably my first failure in life – PES F (failed medical test) – that I felt great about. Just like most NSFs, I’d also hoped for PES downgrade or exemption from NS duties during my NS stint. But seriously, in my case, I think it’s an irony to celebrate this. Whatever it is, I’m feeling light and free because it’s one responsibility off my shoulder.

Don’t be mistaken, I do support military trainings for every Singapore boys. Though it was a short NS stint, I’m still proud to have served my country for ~2.5years of full-time NS and one low-key ICT. In NS, I’d learned many skills and picked up some good habits. It’d changed my perspectives, character and made me a more matured and better person. Going through the bone marrow transplant was tough, but my NS experience has prepared me well to manage the tough times.

My BMT Leopard Company PC Lim told us that NS is good because IPPT ensures that we keep fit and healthy. IPPT pushes us busy people to exercise. Not forgetting the money incentives that can help to offset phone bills or a sumptous buffet. Now, without a push factor, I’ve become so lazy and giving in to mum’s suggestion that I should eat more and rest more. I know if this continues, I may be at risk for obesity, high cholesterol or diabetes. Time to make some exercise plans and execute it own time own target!

The army personal equipment are nicely packed into the black duffel bag. I think I can give away some items if anyone wants them. :)



Being a NSman, and now a leukaemia patient, I have to update the Army about my medical status for two reasons:

1. To avoid getting charged for not attending remedial trainings (RT).

2. To get a PES status downgrade.

The 2-page Medical Report (cost $89.24!!!) finally reached my hands last week, on 4-Oct, after some delay. I logged into NS.sg to book a medical review appointment, hoping to find a slot this month before I return for my fourth cycle. The month of October slots were fully booked but I managed to get one in mid-November.

Then I navigated to the “Book Non-ICT IPPT/RT/IPT” page and saw a notice:

“Please COMPLETE your 20 RT sessions by 29/10/2011, otherwise you will be subjected to disciplinary action.

That’s like I may face charges before my medical review appointment date! I ranged Mindef customer service for an advice and I was told to book an IPT on 29 Oct. I followed suit, but could not understand why, by booking IPT, I will not be charged.

Honestly speaking, I am not worried about getting charged as I have a valid reason with supporting documents. The Army will review my case separately, if not, my MP will.

Thinking back, at the initial stage of diagnosis, I rejoiced at the thought that I may not need to fulfill the 10 years of reservist and IPPT. Another case of blessing in disguised. Now as I understand my condition better, I am thinking I might have rejoiced too early – I may only get a temporary downgrade. Perhaps the Army is kind enough to dismiss any soldier who has recovered from a major cancer, giving him a new life? The decision lies in the hands of the Medical Review Board. Fingers crossed.