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Precious Week

Finally got discharged last Thursday. Happy to have Qipei accompanying me home. Little niece was home too. I thought she would not recognize me because of my skinhead but she did not take long to warm up with me. I could tell mum was happy and relieved that I got home. As I was discharged in the afternoon, I did not get to eat the hospital dinner – Western: Mutton and tofu burger with french fries. It was a meal upgrade from Class B2/C to Class A/B1. But who cares, I had the best home-cooked dinner with my family, the best dinner for 2012 thus far.

Niece came over almost everyday except for weekends and I had fun babysitting her. Mum cooked for us almost every meal just to ensure that I am eating right and have good nutrition. She worked long hours without complains and kept telling me to rest. Brother and I just helped her with babysitting and some simple chores whenever we could.

We have not had a steamboat as a family for quite a long while. I suggested having one when I was in the ward. We almost went into preparing for the steamboat then sister suggested that we decided to go fuss free by eating out. So we pigged out at Mushroom Pot at Indoor Stadium. Part of the agenda was also for me to eat more and build up before the transplant.

The outpatient consultation on Monday was a happy one. Happy to know that the salvage chemo worked and the blast cells in the bone marrow was reduced to 1%. Note “the blast cells” and NOT “my blast cells” – I learned from a patient to talk in this manner as the baddies do not belong to myself and so they shall all perish! All the pre-BMT checks and clearance looks good and there is no need to fill dental cavities before the transplant. The entire schedule will be made known to me on Thursday 23rd Feb during a family conference.

Tuesday was my 4 year anniversary with Qipei. We lunched at Ding Tai Fung at Wisma followed by a hunt for flats (not HDB flats but shoes) around Orchard. No fancy gifts or celebration, we are just happy to have quality time together. We parted before she made her purchase as I had a family dinner later on. It was Ding Tai Fung at 112 Katong. Well, I had to assume the food were more hygienically prepared compared to Dunman market, our other option. It was a lovely day to have spent the time with my loved ones.

My siblings accompanied me for the family conference on Thursday. We were given the schedule and Dr Ho explained quite a few important things about the transplant. There was too much information, and most are not music to my ears. I suppose in life you gain some and you lose some. We went on to see a ‘showroom’ of the ward that I am going to stay. The only difference is probably just the positive pressure doors that helps to ‘clean’ anyone coming in so that they do not bring in any sources of infection. After the conference, brother and I head down to the admission office for financial counselling. As my CPF Medisave has only a miserable S$3k and Aviva only issued a S$10k letter of guarantee (LOG), the hospital requested that I place a $50,000 cash deposit for the estimated 45-days bill of $72,586. Luckily Linda helped me to request Aviva to reissue another LOG of higher value so that I need not ‘park’ my money with SGH. Hospitalization bills are costly, better get your health insurance early!

During BMT, visitors are strictly restricted to immediate family only. So I am spending the weekends catching up with some close friends! Hope to post some pictures here next week during my free time in SGH. This week is very precious to me, and I believe I have and am spending it wisely.

Time Extended

Returned to Haematology Centre for blood test and consultation with doctor today. Arrived 4mins late but luckily there was no queue and blood taking was completed quickly. While waiting for consultation, I saw a patient-friend who came for family conference. He will be doing his stem cell transplant soon! He’s so close to getting well now, just like me, and I’m happy for him.

The digital queue display beeped and showed 0060. It’s my turn! I walked into Consultation Room 10 wondering if admission for the 4th cycle of chemotherapy will be this week. Doctor handed the blood count report to me – everything went up but WBC count was still a tad low to start chemo. He arranged for another full blood count next week. He also added that the next admission requires a bone marrow aspiration to confirm if i am already in remission state and also to assess the need for a 5th chemo.

That’s another week of freedom, family and me-time! :)