Great Weekend!

Once BMT treatment started, I will be under several confinement and restrictions. Thus I have planned for the weekend before the transplant to meet up with my friends and to get a mobile data plan.

A call for meet up sprung up in the Whatsapp ‘#League’, just in line with my intention to meet the poly-mates. We gathered at Ewan’s place for an evening of sausages, mash potatoes, pizza and beer. But thoughtful Ewan actually prepared baked Salmon for me since the other items were deemed unsuitable for someone under chemo. I brought Peel Fresh Yuzi drink and it turned out to taste really nice and refreshing!
Present that night were – Cherie & Ben, Neil & Lilian, Daniel, Jenny, LeRoy, Ewan & ,Nicole, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST… EUGENE CHEN a.k.a. 陈董!!! We had very lame jokes about grasshopper, penguin, ajinomoto and orange ping pong ball. Can’t believe we were still laughing over old and outdated jokes. After dinner, we had a peek at Ben & Cherie’s wedding moments. Time flew past quickly and it was soon time for home. It was passed my medication and sleeping time, but I decided to stay around for a chat with LeRoy, Ewan and Daniel. Look forward to catch up with everyone again, when I get well.

Arranged with my travel buddies to meet up and go for Oh! Open House at Tiong Bahru. Reached Tiong Bahru Plaza slightly earlier to sign up for mobile data plan. Traded-in my old Nokia E63 for a white Samsung Galaxy Note, the biggest phone I ever owned! Because of the sign up, I delayed our ticket purchase for the art exhibition. The queue to buy the tickets was surprisingly long, maybe because it was the last day of the exhibition. CMY and I needed to be home for dinner, we decided to give the exhibition a miss as the next slot was pretty late and the duration of the tour was about 2hours. TWY and TPL bought the tickets for a later slot, so that we could catch up over some snacks at Tiong Bahru Market.

Back at home. Mom cooked delicious and nutritious dinner for us. At least a proper family dinner (with Qipei also) before I return to the hospital for BMT. I decided to send Qipei home after dinner since I have not done so for a long time and I would not be able to do so for another six months or so.

With all these businesses done, I felt that I was ready for BMT treatment. Towards the road of recovery!!!

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