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Self Healing Possible

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned about doing home composting. I read in compostinginsingapore  that a layer of hay on top of the food waste can prevent odour in home composting. It got me into a cheap-hay-hunting mo0d in local pet stores, but it ended quickly after my doctor told me I would need a transplant soon. The verbal agreement to start home composting was no longer valid since I may be away from home for quite some time. But hey, it was such a coincidence that I found another Hay, this time at a book store. I was rushing off already, but I managed to note down the author of a Chinese-translated book, Louise L Hay. A quick research on the smart phone got me interested in Hay’s metaphysical work linking the mind to the body.

Louise linked how our negative thoughts and feelings get manifested as problems and illnesses in our lives. It has to do with how we are brought up and the environment that we lived in. During our growing up years, we were always involved in comparisons and competitions. Hence, we may find ourself not good enough and often look at what’s there to improve instead of being thankful for what we already have. Over time, our guilt, resentment, anger, fear and etc get expressed externally. However, Louise believes that everyone can still turn their situation around with gratitude, self-love and daily affirmations. In You Can Heal Your Life, she helps the reader to identify the problems and recommends changes in their life that could benefit them in their relationships, work, success, prosperity and health. What’s remarkable was that Louise practiced and proved her philosophies after she got diagnosed with cancer, which she shared her story in the later chapter.

I was particularly amazed by the list of dis-eases and  probable cause that Louise had compiled in Heal Your Body. Checking up on the probable cause of leukaemia, it stated “Brutally killing inspirations. ‘What’s the use?‘”. Have I been doing that?

I was going through Hay’s website and I came across Dr Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani. Those are long stories, but the story of Anita Moorjani brings hope to cancer patients in my opinion. Down with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma, in a coma with multiple organ failure, with 24 tumours the size of lemons all over her body and Anita given 36 hours to live. However, she made an unbelievable healing with all the tumours and swollen lymph nodes disappearing in the next few days. With reference to the meditation materials that I have read recently, it seemed like during her near death experience (while in coma), she went into a deep meditation state and her survival was followed by her enlightenment. In any case, I agree with what she believes in the present moment – to be yourself and live fearlessly without emotional baggage.

It’s amazing how looking for hay helped me to find these three books. Cheers for inspirations, hope, and healing. Best wishes.

“Experience Your Life”

I was reading Pema Chödrön’s “Comfortable with Uncertainty” and I found a chapter which I love very much. Let me share with you:

Experience Your Life

A woman is running from tigers. She runs and she runs, and the tigers are getting closer and closer. She comes to the edge of a cliff. She sees a vine there, so she climbs down and holds on to it. Then She looks down and sees that there are tigers below her as well. At the same time, she notices a little mouse gnawing away at the vine to which she is clinging. She also sees a beautiful little bunch of strawberries emerging from a nearby clump of grass. She looks up, she looks down, and she looks at the mouse. Then she picks a strawberry, pops it in her mouth, and enjoys it thoroughly.

Tigers above, tigers below. This is the predicament we are always in. We are born and sooner or later we die. Each moment is just what it is. Resentment, bitterness and holding a grudge prevent us from seeing and hearing and tasting and delighting. This might be the only moment of our life, this might be the only strawberry we’ll ever eat. We could feel depressed about this or we could finally appreciate it. We could delight in the preciousness of every single moment.

29 Gifts by Cami Walker

I’m a sucker for self-help books and I found 29 Gifts very inspirational and close to my heart. Found this book by chance two weeks ago, and it got me curious about how Cami coped with her illness, overcome the odds and initiated a goodwill movement over the Internet.

Cami was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) shortly after one month of her marriage. MS is an incurable autoimmune disease in which patients’ immune system attacks myelin, a protective layer for nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord, and causes disruption to the message transmitted along the nerve. MS upsets Cami’s life badly and she became very negative about it, constantly asking the question, “Why me?”. That’s a very common thought of newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families too!

One day, Cami met an African medicine woman Mbali who prescribed “Giving 29 gifts in 29 days” to her. Because “By giving, you are focusing on what you have to offer others, inviting more abundance into your life.”, Mbali told her. In the month-long project, Cami realized that her focus on giving had unknowingly helped her to “let go” of some sufferings and problems. Along also came many helps and pleasant surprises which she learned to accept graciously with gratitude. Cami’s life had changed for the better and eventually she had founded hoping to recruit more givers in this world.

In my family, we were always taught not to trouble others and to politely reject gifts in kind. If we were to receive any gifts, it’s only right that we return a gift of similar value. A bit of traditional Chinese culture, like the exchange of mandarin oranges during Chinese New Year. Perhaps it’s because we don’t expect to receive so it wasn’t a habit to give either. Last year when I was having my first cycle of chemotherapy treatment, LeRoy’s mother insisted on bringing healthy home-cooked vegetarian dinner to me daily. After politely dissuading her a few times, Aunty Susan told me, “I don’t have to give, but I want to.”. It wasn’t the tasty meals but her time and and sincerity that touched me deeply, as I later later found out that her late father was hospitalized at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She could have spent the time with her father, but she made time for me just to make sure I have good nutrition to fight leukaemia. My mum, then, was unable to visit me as often as she would love to because she had to take care of my late father who was getting less mobile. Hence, we were very grateful for Aunty Susan and her family for their unconditional generosity and kindness.

Cami’s memoir reminded me of the goodwills I’ve received. It has also inspired me to start giving unconditionally and consciously, and thus, the very first project to raise funds for Hair for Hope 2012! (Please support me!!!) Since May is my birthday month, I decided to embark on this journey of 29 days of giving. I will try to update my daily givings here.

I would recommend 29 Gifts to anyone caught in a tough situation and needed a little inspiration. Let us all be reminded that there are miracles, good, humanity and abundance in this world. Experience a change of perspective in your life and pass on this goodness to others! Thank you Cami for sharing!

P.S. If you enjoy giving, you may like Katie Sokoler’s (owner of blog Color Me Katie Love Note project and the recent Easter Egg Hunt project – leaving pleasant surprises around for people to find. That’s how fun giving can be!