3rd Cycle – Halfway there!

I’ve hit the halfway mark in my entire course of chemotherapy treatment! Feels good to be back in a familiar setting – the very first ward and room that I was admitted to two months back for my first cycle. Some of the nurses who remembered me came to say “Hi TJ!”. It’s embarrassing but I can’t remember the names of some of the nurses who have taken great care of me then.

There’s nothing much going on today. I just went through the standard administrative procedures and set a plug on my right hand. Chemotherapy will commence tomorrow and the doctor is arranging a date for me to have another central venous catheter inserted so that I’ll be free from needle pokes. Hopefully there won’t be infection this time round and I can maintain this line till the end of the course.

My present roomies are very positive and jovial. The atmosphere is lightened by their jokes and laughters unlike my previous stays whereby patients gave out yawns of boredom, painful moans and longing-to-go-home sighs. Guess my stay here is going to be a pleasant one this time! 加油!


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