3rd Cycle Experience

I have just been transferred to a high dependency single room yesterday. Lying comfortably and inclined on the bed, I finally found peace (and wifi signals) to blog about my past one week of chemo experience.

In this round of chemotherapy, I was given six high dose cytarabine (HiDAC), each over two hours at an interval of 12 hours on alternate days for six days. There were no horrible side effects other than a bloated stomach that caused a loss of appetite after chemo. Every time after chemo, I would look forward to the nurses removing the drips on me and changing the yucky-tasting anti-fungal syrup, itraconazole, to its capsule form. Next would be the ‘upgrading’ from a 4-bed room (a.k.a HDB flat) to a high dependency single room (a.k.a. Holiday bungalow).

While I welcome the room change, I do miss my new friends and the random discussions we had in the previous room. Bed 1 always disturbs the nurses and shares his life experience with us. Bed 3 came in looking gloomy and is always surrounded by friends who prayed with him for good treatment results. Then I learned about his prognosis, a 10% survival rate after bone marrow transplant. I did not know what to say, but in my heart I wanted to cheer him up! Bed 1 and I talked and joked with him daily, but whenever he was reminded of his diagnosis and prognosis, he became gloomy again. Now that Bed 1 and I have transferred to single room, I hope Bed 3 will embrace optimism and not think too much. Bed 3, be strong and put up a brave fight! You can do it and you will make it!


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