Monthly Archives: December 2012

Hello, Day +56

Been missing-in-action for so many days. The second bone marrow transplant, at reduced intensity, had almost reduced me to bones making me weak and just want to rest it out.

The nua days are over and now I have regained some decent strength, energy and consciousness to update you briefly on my treatment progress.

22 Oct – 17 NovHospitalized for Second Haematopoietic Stem Cells Transplant a.k.a. Bone Marrow Transplant
23 Nov – 7 DecHospitalized for Treatment of unknown infection
11 Dec – 18 Dec: Hospitalized for Treatment of parainfluenza infection 

During the above mentioned period, I felt like there were many small tsunami waves of side effects from all the drugs and treatments hitting me. The side effects would have been tolerable if they have not overlap each other. In any case, the tough times are over and the tough man last!

As for treatment outcome, thus far, I’m in remission (cheers!!!) and my spanking new set of bone marrow is carrying out its duties well. There are signs of mild graft-versus-host on the skin and liver and they were all well managed by the medical team (cheers!!!).

Till then, may we have more good news to come, especially so for 2013!