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Happy Birthday, Fighter!

I just turned 28!

Last year I was attending a Workplace Safety Workshop on my birthday. The very next day, I was down with high fever because of the abscess that was swelling like the size of a Ricola candy (pardon me if you are sucking on one now) on my left axilla. What happened next was one full year of disaster that changed my life.

27 might have been a struggle, but I made it to 28!!! I’m a fighter, a good one I conclude! Hahaha

Traditionally, in my family, birthdays are celebrated with symbolic hard boiled eggs.  But this year, I was treated to a simple, nice and warm pot of mee sua with kang kong, slices of pork collar and hard boiled egg for lunch. It wasn’t intentional, but my mum just decided to cook mee sua for lunch. In anycase, it’s very much appreciated!

Spent the morning putting up the Hair for Hope 2012 donation link on Facebook, hoping that I can reach out to more friends, spreading awareness of children cancer and help to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation. My simple birthday wish is to raise funds for CCF and I think so far, I’ve done quite a good job with the support of my circle. :) Celebrated my birthday with CCF by making a gift of $280. Think from this year onwards, it will become a tradition of mine to give on my birthday!

The afternoon with Qipee was simple, just the way I wanted it to be and what I would call quality time. From Tampines, we took bus 29 to Netheravon Road to check out The Coastal Settlement and have our dinner.

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this place. I like the vintage decorations and settling on the sofa made me felt like home. Tables were adequately spaced apart giving personal space to diners. As we were there early, I felt I had the whole place to ourselves.

Food were served pretty fast and the portion looks good for sharing between 3-4 friends.

Lemon-bush tea

Who can resist these truffle fries?

Truffle Mushroom Fetuccine

Happy girlfriend with happy food and happy birthday boyfriend (behind the camera)

Will definitely be back again!

Happy May

Some happeefying things for the Month of May!

1. I had the central venous catheter removed!

2. I have been staying infection-free & CMV-negative since the last hospital discharge!

3. Funds raised for Children’s Cancer Foundation to date: $2,778!

4. Visited my sister and newborn niece, Ke Xin!

5. Celebrated Qipee’s 25th birthday at Prego

6. Bought 200 ball point pens to give to Pong Song (Laos) kids!

7. Bought 3 books on personal finance and investment from Popular Expo Fair

8. Brought mum to Changi City Point and the Fairprice Xtra @ Changi Business Park

9. Walked about 6 km along East Coast Park!

National Service-d

I’ve just joined the group of men who clank beer mugs and toast to a future that no longer needs me to wear green uniforms, boots and carry a rifle. Neither am I required to pass IPPT, attend ICT, nor apply for exit permit when I travel out of Singapore. It’s probably my first failure in life – PES F (failed medical test) – that I felt great about. Just like most NSFs, I’d also hoped for PES downgrade or exemption from NS duties during my NS stint. But seriously, in my case, I think it’s an irony to celebrate this. Whatever it is, I’m feeling light and free because it’s one responsibility off my shoulder.

Don’t be mistaken, I do support military trainings for every Singapore boys. Though it was a short NS stint, I’m still proud to have served my country for ~2.5years of full-time NS and one low-key ICT. In NS, I’d learned many skills and picked up some good habits. It’d changed my perspectives, character and made me a more matured and better person. Going through the bone marrow transplant was tough, but my NS experience has prepared me well to manage the tough times.

My BMT Leopard Company PC Lim told us that NS is good because IPPT ensures that we keep fit and healthy. IPPT pushes us busy people to exercise. Not forgetting the money incentives that can help to offset phone bills or a sumptous buffet. Now, without a push factor, I’ve become so lazy and giving in to mum’s suggestion that I should eat more and rest more. I know if this continues, I may be at risk for obesity, high cholesterol or diabetes. Time to make some exercise plans and execute it own time own target!

The army personal equipment are nicely packed into the black duffel bag. I think I can give away some items if anyone wants them. :)


29 Gift Day 02: Dish Washing for Play Time

Today our cute little niece came over to our house to play with us (or play us?). At the age of about two, Ke Ning already aced in thermodynamic’s entropy. Every time she comes over, it’s almost a ritual to pour out her toys, lay out all the things in the house that her tiny hands can reach. The adults would be chasing after her to put things away to prevent trip and fall, or to make sure that she doesn’t climb too high and fall. And surprisingly, I always got exhausted even before she feels sleepy and come asking for her tutu (pacifier). As much as we complain about her some times and call her a naughty girl, we still love her very much.

Brother is out at work and when he returns, it’ll almost be time for niece to go home. Taking that into consideration, mum called sister and suggested a later pick up time for Ke Ning so that brother can have more time to play with her. My brother usually helps with washing the dishes after dinner these days. But today, I decided my gift would be to take over the washing so that he could have more time to play with niece. They both had a great time together, we could tell from Ke Ning’s laughter.

Mum’s dinner was late because she had to feed niece first. I could tell she’s really tired after a whole day of work and taking care of Ning. Again, I took over the mess in the sink so that mum could rest and watch them play. It didn’t feel like a chore to do things for your loved ones if you do it willingly.

I’m thankful that Ke Ning didn’t fall sick, as we thought she might a few days ago.
I truly appreciate my friends for their care and concern when they found out about my condition.
I’m very grateful for the donations and encouragements received from my RSPHI friends.



29 Gift Day 01: Mop Mop

I haven’t been contributing to home allowance for the past four months even though I’m still receiving half pay from my company. Mum insisted that I keep those money for future medical appointments and treatments.

It’s Labour Day but mum doesn’t really get to enjoy such holidays. She’s still the home maker she is, making sure the house is clean and proper and meals are served. I’m seldom activated to help nor do I have much initiatives these days… bumming around has simply made me very lazy. I must admit that a lot of times I took what she’s done for this family for granted.

Today, I offered to mop the floor as a gift to my mum. It’s not the first time I help, but usually when I do, there’s some form of obligations so that I won’t be labelled as “freeloader”. Felt really good to receive a simple word of thanks for the job well done. Guess she was quite tired and my help came timely. :)

I’m very grateful that my company is willing to keep my position, and continues to pay me even when I’m on such a long medical leave.
I’m blessed to have an understanding and caring mother who took part in my recovery journey, ensuring I have a clean environment and delicious meal!
I’m thankful that my immunity, despite suppressed, has remained strong and kept me out of infection for the past one month. Plus, I haven’t need any blood or platelets transfusion so far.